What We Do

A sense of community

A Community needs many things to be a place where people choose to live and work.

  • It needs a vision for the future
  • It needs to be safe
  • It needs easily accessible resources for its residents
  • It needs affordable artistic, athletic, and cultural programs
  • It needs dedicated people who care enough about their community to make it better
  • It also needs funding for community activities

The West Vancouver Community Foundation is a reflection of the great value that individuals, families and businesses place on West Vancouver, its heritage, its people and its communities.  Since 1979, when the Foundation was established, donors have helped to create funds of over ten million dollars, the income from which supports non-profit organizations, community projects and scholarships, today and into the future.  More than one million dollars has been contributed to projects, primarily those that support health, education, the arts, social services and West Vancouver's physical environment.

The West Vancouver Community Foundation is here to help meet these needs. It exists because of the foresight and generosity of the many individuals, families, and businesses of West Vancouver who have demonstrated their commitment to our community by leaving their legacy for us and future generations to enjoy.